#6 – Body Positivity, Health & Nutrition w/ Patrick Lyons

Patrick Lyons is a Fall 2018 mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Texas at Austin and is now the founder of Lyon Shred, a physical training company. Lyon said his work as a trainer and personal motivator stem from two early childhood experiences in which both an inadequate IQ test score and a persistent lisp pushed him to become a man who can humbly overcome adversity.

Lyon first turned his attention to physical fitness when he watched Batman Begins on June 15, 2005, a date remembered because of its profound significance. After watching the movie, Lyon, then 9, began doing pushups and and situps everyday. He attended a summer physical education camp when he was 15 and failed at Power 90 Extreme, a difficult physical training program. The failure only encouraged him to work harder, and when he was 19, Lyon started his own weight training program.

His own physical fitness and confidence eventually led him to become a coach. “Now it’s not only about me,” Lyon says in his interview with Owais. “I need to be the best that I can be to inspire and motivate others.” Lyon believes a central part of his ongoing effort to be an motivator is being honest and transparent when sharing the struggles of reaching one’s goals.

His complete story is documented through his YouTube account, which now has over 21,00 subscribers and 3.4 million views. Lyon said he felt strange to post shirtless photos on social media, and he did not have much confidence in his online efforts until he met other gym-goers like him who also wanted to share their stories. Now he realizes, “It doesn’t matter what the random person on the street thinks, they don’t know my whole story. The people who choose to follow me, they’re going to support me regardless of if I post a shirtless picture or a transformation picture.”

Over the past three years, Lyon learned to create programs for people who follow his social media platforms and has since coached over 200 individuals toward their physical fitness goals. He launched Lyon Shred after his second experience with American Ninja Warrior, when he learned from his first audition’s failures to become a worthy contender in the next season’s competition.

Lyon and his company’s mantra is “Heart of a Lyon,” which he explains that, “Even the smallest [lion] in the wild can grow up to become this massive, incredibly powerful thing, but that incredibly powerful lion needs to remember where it came from… Yes you can grow in whatever your passion is or whatever your area of inspiration is, but if you get to a point where you are successful, you aren’t necessarily benefiting the world as much as you would if you remembered where you started.”

While he admits fitness is his first priority, Lyon has about six months until he will start his job as a mechanical enclosure sourcing engineer at Microsoft. Until then, he wants to develop Lyon Shred and his upper-body cardio machine, The Punching Pillow, in to sustainable businesses he can enjoy alongside his long-term passion of engineering.

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